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Hamilton Solar Farm

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Hamilton Solar Farm

  • Developed, built and operated by Penn.
  • Achieved Commercial Operation:  August 2014
  • Utility Scale  10 MW AC / 13.4 MW DC
  • Over 46,000 Solar Panels
  • Canadian Solar modules (285-300W) and 20 Advanced Energy central inverters, ground mounted at 28° Slope

Site:  197± Acres

Ontario, Canada


Environmental Benefits of Hamilton Solar Farm Annually

*Calculations based on EPA calculator
Power Generated
The energy to power 2,007 homes
29,415,074 Miles driven by an average passenger vehicle
Greenhouse Gases Saved
Carbon Dioxide:
11,854 tons
Nitrogen Oxides:
40 tons
Sulfur Dioxide:
64 tons
Carbon Offset
2,007 Metric Tons
Offset the equivalent of 11,854 acres of trees
Like planting 197,571 trees
Fossil Fuel Equivalents
27,568 Barrels of Oil Consumed
13,055,369 Pounds of Coal Burned

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